About noddybox

What the hell is a noddybox?

Nothing dodgy is the hopeful answer.

The longer answer is that once, when the world was younger, a co-worker (the High Lord Phanty) was so incensed that I was a measly Super Nintendo owner (rather than having a proper games machine like the Amiga) he changed my UNIX name to be Super-Noddybox-Man. And unfortunately I liked the ring of it.

And at least no-one else uses it, so I know it's me.

Why write all this useless software that no-one ever uses?

Well, when you have the social skills of Genghis Khan you have to fill the time somehow. In between games of MAP32 on Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment anyway.

And of course I still live under the illusion that I can code as well as Jeff Minter.