Welcome to noddybox

All Programs have a desire to be useful - MCP

So in the spirit of making it a free system once again, here are some software projects released under a variety of Open Source licenses (mainly the GPL, with the odd stir of MIT and BSD).

So feel free to peruse the software using the menu links or wander the SVN repositories. Read-only access to SVN can be got by using the username 'anonymous', password 'anonymous'.

For anyone coming from an older link note that there was a disaster involving the site (you mean you? - ed), so not everything that used to be here is back; without some of the older build environments they may never be back.


20th December 2018; released csol, a simple CURSES solitaire game for your terminal.

2nd December 2018; released svnbrowse. A simple web-based SVN repository browser.

18th September 2018; released V1.6 of CASM. Small fix to make duplicate labels an error.

18th Septemer 2018; released snesgfx, a simple command-line tool to convert a PNG into a form suitable for use on the Super Nintendo.

6th September 2018; released V1.5 of CASM. Small fix to do with '$' expansion in 24-bit label mode.

27th July 2018; Added Anagrams. This is a helper for puzzles with anagrams. Note this only works with JavaScript.

19th July 2018; Added Missing letters. This is a helper for puzzles that looks for words containing missing letters. Note this only works with JavaScript.

8th July 2018; Added Codeword solution helper. This is a helper for codeword puzzles that appear in newspapers. Note this only works with JavaScript.

28th June 2018; Added PassMan password manager.

15th June 2018; Re-added WAD Mangle.

13th June 2018; recovered a build of my ZX81 emulator for the Nintendo DS, DS81. I'll try building a new version once I have devkitpro reinstalled, just in case the world has moved on since it was built.

8th June 2018; added an old UNIX program xed as a test for a process to release sources from SVN more easily.

9th January 2017; added X11 Demo.

4th January 2017; added Sokoban Level Solver.

2nd September 2016; Added simple ASCII MAP data generator to Game Dev.

6th June 2016; Added simple NES CHR Editor to Game Dev.