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masterUpdatesIan C10 years
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2012-07-01UpdatesHEADmasterIan C
2012-06-27Added some state storage interfaces.Ian C
2012-06-23Added setting to reverse joysticks.Ian C
2012-06-20Added Poke Memory pageIan C
2012-06-14Removed fuller stick and made kempston non-configurable.Ian C
2012-06-12Added hint path for toolkit DLLIan C
2012-06-10Finished config and app settings for keyboard joystick.Ian C
2012-06-09Changing settings page to a panorama page, and in progress for setting defina...Ian C
2012-06-08Added tool kit, updated settings and added more joystick code.Ian C
2012-06-06Updated to use new input mechanism.Ian C