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masterAdded dumpheaders variableIan C17 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2004-08-22Added dumpheaders variableHEADmasterIan C
2004-08-18Fixed bug where an '@' in the quoted name in the From address wouldIan C
2004-06-25Fixed bug where trusted users weren't. Also a couple of memory bugs in theIan C
2004-06-05Fixed checking of trusted users. Tweaks to compile under FreeBSD 4.10. AddedIan C
2004-01-26Added allow_to in domain; Added include; Update docs; Fixed folding header linesIan C
2004-01-01A few tweaks and added an extra variable (showmatch)Ian C
2003-12-12Fixed misspelled use of CFLAGSIan C
2003-12-09Pre-release commitIan C
2003-12-09Added blacklist command; fixed a few dodgy frees (oops)Ian C
2003-12-08Added subject_macro; Tweaked check order; Fixed some warningsIan C