AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-27Added .gitignoreHEADmasterIan C
2017-05-19Added READMEIan C
2017-05-18Rolled back to previous version. For some reason it managed to commit anIan C
2017-05-17Changed X/Y co-ords to a single int.Ian C
2017-05-10Added some extra test levels.Ian C
2017-05-10Fixed warning about fgets().Ian C
2017-05-10Reduced memory usage.Ian C
2017-05-08Updated to store positions as a single int. Didn't produce the hoped forIan C
2017-01-04Fixed up mktar script.Ian C
2011-06-29Fixed typo and stopped map growth warning at depth one.Ian C
2011-05-05Added checks to try and capture any hashing bugs.Ian C
2011-05-05Moved main() to the end of file.Ian C
2011-05-05Chaned hash_t to be map_t, as we're purposefully hashing on the maps now.Ian C
2011-05-04New test level.Ian C
2011-05-04May have actually broken the hashing -- trying to fix by increasing the bitIan C
2011-05-04Improved the hashing routine.Ian C
2011-05-04Made impossible checks optional in play mode.Ian C
2011-05-04Added route display to play mode.Ian C
2011-05-04Removed pointless dependency rule.Ian C
2011-05-04Fixed nethack levelIan C
2011-05-04Added nethack sokoban level.Ian C
2011-04-21Fixed problem with long routes in interactive mode and improved switchIan C
2011-04-20Updates to clean up code a bit and improve performance.Ian C
2011-04-20Renamed makefile to Makefile and added option for C99 (for long long support).Ian C
2009-02-05Reformatted codeIan C
2008-09-18Initial checkinIan C
2008-09-18Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.Ian C