AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-04Rejigged timer for auto fill.HEADmasterIan C
2022-01-02Added timer to auto complete routine.Ian C
2022-01-02Moved auto fill to a key of its own.Ian C
2022-01-02Added autofill when puzzle complete.Ian C
2021-09-25Added .gitignoreIan C
2020-10-31Added optional arguement to seed random numberIan C
2020-06-10Changed score displays.Ian C
2020-05-15Small tweak to game won screen.Ian C
2019-03-28Fixed bug where the draw pile was being inverted when reset.Ian C
2019-02-05Altered win screen.Ian C
2019-01-11Added score file.Ian C
2019-01-04Fixed email in Makefile header.Ian C
2018-12-21Added thoughtful mode.Ian C
2018-12-21Split code up into separate objects.Ian C
2018-12-21Fixed SEGV when trying to move an empty column.Ian C
2018-12-21Added option to show cards on quit.Ian C
2018-12-20Removed debug key.Ian C
2018-12-20Fixed some memory handling bugs; realloc() of zero bytes.Ian C
2018-12-20Fixed warning and added README.Ian C
2018-12-20Added win screen and allowed cars to be moved from suit piles back onto theIan C
2018-12-19First working version.Ian C
2018-12-18Created SVN dir structure.Ian C