AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-08Versioned for 1.11 developmentHEADmasterIan C
2020-06-08Added c64 codepage and versioned for 1.10Ian C
2020-06-07Updated version number for 1.10 development.Ian C
2020-06-07Added PRG output and added start_addr option to T64.Ian C
2020-06-04Updated docs for CPC tapes and versioned to 1.8aIan C
2020-06-04Bumped version number to development version.Ian C
2020-06-04Added BASIC loader to CPC tape output.Ian C
2020-06-02Updated READMEIan C
2020-06-02Modified version for development.Ian C
2020-06-02Updated version for release.Ian C
2020-06-02Added CPC output to help file.Ian C
2020-06-02Fixed problem on CPC output of address adjustment for full blocks.Ian C
2020-06-02First working CPC tape output.Ian C
2020-05-27First attempt at CPC CDT output. Not yet working.Ian C
2019-06-25CPC tape out still in development. Checkin for backup.Ian C
2019-02-06Update HTML doc URL in README.mdIan C
2019-02-04Imported development versionIan C
2019-02-04Imported V1.6Ian C
2019-02-04Imported V1.5Ian C
2019-02-04Imported V1.4Ian C
2019-02-04Imported V1.3Ian C
2019-02-04Imported V1.2Ian C
2019-02-04Imported V1.1Ian C
2019-02-04Imported V1.0Ian C
2019-02-04Made SVN dirs.Ian C