BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterVersioned for 1.11 developmentIan C18 months
V1.10commit a1b544855e...Ian C18 months
V1.9commit 7d7ef9e667...Ian C18 months
V1.8acommit f2538baf92...Ian C18 months
V1.8commit 33f28f6371...Ian C18 months
V1.7commit a5a68210f8...Ian C18 months
V1.6commit ff5db53478...Ian C3 years
V1.5commit 8f2e1974b0...Ian C3 years
V1.4commit 81b0d10258...Ian C3 years
V1.3commit 9356796a55...Ian C3 years
V1.2commit 0b256482d5...Ian C3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-08Versioned for 1.11 developmentHEADmasterIan C
2020-06-08Added c64 codepage and versioned for 1.10Ian C
2020-06-07Updated version number for 1.10 development.Ian C
2020-06-07Added PRG output and added start_addr option to T64.Ian C
2020-06-04Updated docs for CPC tapes and versioned to 1.8aIan C
2020-06-04Bumped version number to development version.Ian C
2020-06-04Added BASIC loader to CPC tape output.Ian C
2020-06-02Updated READMEIan C
2020-06-02Modified version for development.Ian C
2020-06-02Updated version for release.Ian C