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masterUpdated version for next development version.Ian C5 years
0.4commit 93c1338226...Ian C5 years
0.3commit 9952702655...Ian C5 years
0.2commit a187aea729...Ian C5 years
0.1commit 311600f01c...Ian C5 years
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2016-09-19Updated version for next development version.HEADmasterIan C
2016-09-19Updated version number for release.Ian C
2016-09-19Added new string:number format to help with non-character code followingIan C
2016-09-05Updated README.Ian C
2016-09-02Updated READMEIan C
2016-09-02Updated version for development.Ian C
2016-09-02Updated version for release. The only thing changed is the README.Ian C
2016-09-02Fixed up READMEIan C
2016-09-02Fixed up read me.Ian C
2016-09-02Update version for development.Ian C