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masterUpdated button layout to work in Firefox. Removed redundant height from fixedIan C3 years
version-1.6commit 6169cc7b8c...Ian C3 years
version-1.5commit c5fc76f094...Ian C3 years
version-1.4commit ed00f6a5e4...Ian C3 years
version-1.3commit ede0772c9f...Ian C3 years
version-1.2commit 1dace24c80...Ian C3 years
version-1.1acommit 47d04ecd35...Ian C3 years
version-1.1commit 76aed9ccb1...Ian C3 years
version-1.1@18commit 32a8a78427...Ian C3 years
version-1.0commit 98eec82a09...Ian C3 years
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2018-08-03Updated button layout to work in Firefox. Removed redundant height from fixedHEADmasterIan C
2018-08-02Get height of header on page load and set the table offset appropriately.Ian C
2018-08-01Made header a fixed div.Ian C
2018-08-01Removed redundant CSS.Ian C
2018-07-31Added try/catch to calls to JSON.parse and removed old scroll positionIan C
2018-07-31Removed test code.Ian C
2018-07-31Added header row to table.Ian C
2018-07-31Updated instructions.Ian C
2018-07-31Reverted back to multi-line display. Found out it was using hyperlinks asIan C
2018-07-30Finished rejig of interface to a single record.Ian C