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masterUpdated docsIan C17 years
V1_0commit bc5014f832...Ian C17 years
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2005-05-08Updated docsHEADmasterIan C
2005-04-27Got rid of ludicrously wrong glLoadIdentity() in modelIan C
2005-04-27Document updates and fixed use of <cfloat> in OpenGLIan C
2005-04-24Updated installIan C
2005-04-24Fixed texture mapping and added generation of materials for lightingIan C
2005-04-24Initial working versionIan C
2005-04-21Added binaries to CVS for people without the compilerIan C
2005-04-18Added core of group explode. Also fixed modal windows as well as can be done...Ian C
2005-04-17Development checkingIan C
2005-04-15Initial importIan C