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masterAdded .gitignoreIan C4 months
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2021-09-25Added .gitignoreHEADmasterIan C
2021-08-24Updated Z80 decode with latest version.Ian C
2021-08-09Altered snapshot to use last dir, rather than hardcoded.Ian C
2021-08-09Changed initial directory and added joystick emulation.Ian C
2021-08-03Sped up Z80 emulationIan C
2021-08-03First attempt at soundIan C
2021-07-21Improved file selector on hardware.Ian C
2021-07-21Improved screen rendering so it runs full speed on the hardware.Ian C
2021-07-06Set up app description/authorIan C
2021-07-06Tweaks to version macro and gfxInitIan C